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Jerk Hut
Authentic Jamaican Cuisine



   We have over 15 years in the restaurant business starting in, Jamaica where we learned the fine art of  'Jerking'. A method of preparing meat, fish or vegetables by first marinating it in a combination of carefully selected herbs and spices such as the famous Jamaican scotch bonnet pepper, thyme, scallions, pimento. (To name anymore would mean giving up our secret). This well marinated product is then slow cooked over glowing charcoals and smoldering pimento wood (or chips). This wonderful combination of the smoke and the herbs and spices produces a unique taste that is matched by none. Tender, juicy and bursting with flavor, this tantalizing creation excites your taste buds and sends your entire body into a frenzy. Our jerk is served over rice and red beans with a sweet and tangy calypso sauce. This offering gives you a dose of absolute culinary delight. Jamaican cuisine, like its people and its language, is a the product of Arawak Indians, African, English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Middle Eastern and East Indian influences. The large boom in tourism has also added world's fare to the Jamaican daily menu.

Curry Shrimp

We  do outdoor catering for parties, weddings, corporate meetings and churches. We will prepare, deliver and serve. For your weekend barbecues, We will gladly do your catering, large or small. We have full barbeque set-up for picnics, festivals and outdoor parties. Helping you to choose the right products to match your needs, is our specialty. We also offer full service event planning. Banquet service, set-up, clean-up, entertainment bookings and equipment rental, if need be, we'll do it all. (with a smile) Steel drums, reggae bands, limbo, tiki candles, fresh tropical fruits.....-dreaming about Jamaica, we  will take you there!

For Prices contact us via email or telephone. Ask for Andrew, Warren or Shelly


Curry Veggies