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Jamaican Pepper Shrimp
A spicy combination of fresh jumbo shrimp and hot Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers (imported from the island) along with the authentic herbs and spices creates this exotic appetizer. It is not meant to be tried by the weak or the soft because it is
extremely hot.
So hot, that it is rated as the hottest  item on Jerk Hut's menu, so be careful!

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Frequently Asked Questions  
Where can I obtain this tempting dish?
You can only experience this dish if you are in Tampa Fl and you visit the
  Jerk Hut Restaurant. Tel 813-632-9551 directions?

 How much does it cost?
Only 3 Tampa dollars.
What's included in the meal?
The pepper shrimp is an appetizer, it only includes 6 jumbo shrimp.
Can I order this without sitting in at the restaurant?
Yes you may order this item for take out.
How long do I have to wait for this treat?
 The shrimp is normally prepared at the time of the order so it may take from 5-10 minutes.
I do not enjoy spicy/hot dishes, should I still try the pepper shrimp?
as mentioned above, it is very hot.
Can I get this deliver to my next party?
 Yes, we cater for all occasions. for more info on Catering click here
 or call out catering manager at 813-271-4787.

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